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If you see it:
you have to face many problems.
But these can be solved by dealing wisely.Be patient.


It is fear of being lovelorn, or friends cause you grief. By others you will find trouble.

If you see:
you will be home sick and need peace of mind,
or you will have some childish ideas, or you will overworking, relax.
if you go in:
you will be relieved from responsibilities.
If a girl sees it:
she will be desperate and worried.
If you build it:
you will hear the news of the death of a retired person.
if it is dismantled:
you will fall ill and be grieved.
If you bow in adoration:
your faith is weak.
if you open its door:
plague or diseases will spread or an elderly person in your family will die.


Fear of loosing authority, especially
if you are a political figure.


If you are in it- there are opportunities to increase your wealth.
if it was shrunken- you will be harmed by your friends.
if it is short- it will be bulky.
If worms or a house comes out of it- you will inherit fortune and be blessed with children.
If you see it transparent - you will be the gem of the family.
If it was rent- you will get into trouble.
If it was bulky- you will benefit financially.
lf it was without intestines- you will be separated from your relatives.
If there were hairs on it- you will get rid of debt.

If you observe somebody abduct anyone- you have fear of stealthy deeds by others or you have unfulfilled desire of doing such deeds yourself, or a problem is becoming overwhelming for you.

If you saw someone taking a bath to clean himself- he will be free from mischief and harm.
if a sick person performs- he will become healthy.
lf a prisoner is performing- he will be released.
If you have a legal case against you- it will end in your favor.